Specialized summer camp for children with developmental language disorders: case study on executive functions, language and musicality

Research articles
By Matthieu Paré, Jean-Philippe Després, Alain Savoie

This article presents the results of exploratory study cases concerning the development of oral language, musicality, executive and attentional functions. Eight children with a diagnostic of developmental language disorder participated in a multisensory summer camp implying music, which has been organized for several years by the organism Développement du langage et Dysphasie-Estrie. We present these cases of children that presented any evolution between the pre and the post-test of the camp. Various positive benefits could have been found in the perception of the educative team and in the test of attention, receptive and expressive language, main executive functions and musicality. In addition to our own measures, the interveners also perceived various positive effects in children. This explorative research permit to think that a specialized summer camp is a significant vector of evolution for children struggling with developmental language disorder.

  • langage development
  • executive functions
  • musicality
  • specialized camp
  • case studies
  • language disorders
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