Ego or Heterocentric? Effects of The Perspective of Video or Pictures Instructions on Procedural Learning

By Leslie Jannin, Franck Ganier, Philine de Vries

In the present paper, we are interested in the best-suited perspective for multimedia instructions when teaching a technical gesture. Two studies were conducted, following a method using multiple repetitions of the gesture and respecting action atomization. In both experiments, medical students were asked to realize 5 sutures, guided by egocentric or heterocentric instructions. We also considered their visuospatial abilities. The results show a positive effect of procedure repetition and visuospatial abilities on performances. They reveal a positive effect of egocentric perspective on quality for the first experiment, and on both quality and speed for the second experiment. In terms of recommendations, it seems necessary to favour the egocentric perspective. The aim being to allow easy processing of information for most individuals, whatever their visuospatial ability.

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