L’Année Psychologique/Topics in Cognitive Psychology is an international scientific journal covering all fields of psychology. It publishes three kinds of articles, in either English or French:

Experimental articles: Selected for their originality, their theoretical interest, and the rigor of their experimental approach. For short experimental articles (no more than 3,000 words excluding bibliography and figures), authors are requested to indicate the word count on the first page.

Notes: These are split into three separate categories:
1. Theoretical notes: centered on a critical discussion of a current topic, a scientific paradigm, a theoretical framework, etc.
2. Methodological notes: on experimental paradigms, methods of analysis, experimental procedures, etc.
3. Historical notes: biographies, a historical approach to a concept or a conceptual framework, etc.

Critical overviews: An overview of an issue within various fields of scientific psychology. These should be accompanied by a larger bibliography. The length of the text in relation to the quality of the contribution is an evaluation criterion particularly taken into account when assessing manuscripts submitted for publication.

Authors are requested to conform to the general standards for all texts as described in the following file: instructions for authors. Any manuscript that does not meet these standards will not be considered. All text, including tables and figures, must be submitted via the Manuscript Manager website